Pre-Sale Inspections

A good portion of our inspections are for owners who are listing their property for sale.

We are finding it more and more common for owners to use the findings of our Independent Building Inspection report to help them prepare the property for sale, and to help them decide on a price expectation. When a seller is willing to obtain their own Independent Building Inspection report, any prospective purchasers can see that they are being open and transparent about the condition of the property, which generally leads to a quicker, smoother (and less stressful) selling process.

It removes the likelihood of discovered defects being used as a bargaining tool in negotiations, because the purchaser is already made aware of any defects before deciding to make an offer. It is also becoming extremely common for the owner of a property going to Auction to obtain their own Independent Building Inspection report.

For the owner of an Auction property, this reduces the likelihood of multiple inspections being carried out at your property by many prospective bidders – all at an inconvenience to you.

For the prospective purchaser of an Auction property, this removes the need to organise a pre-purchase building and pest inspection, and take time from a busy schedule (from work etc) to attend the inspection. Instead, the prospective purchaser can be provided with a copy of the report when initially viewing the property.

More importantly however, it saves the prospective purchaser from outlaying money for a pre-purchase building and pest inspection for a property where they may not be the successful bidder on Auction Day.

Our Pre-Sale / Pre-Auction Building and Pest Inspection service is fully professional, unbiased and Independent, and undertaken in accordance with Australian Standards.

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