Asbestos Sampling

Inhalation of Asbestos fibres can cause asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.  Asbestos is a serious issue and will continue to be so for many years. It is highly recommended that you find out if building materials in your home or the one you are purchasing contain Asbestos.  Any homes in Australia built before the mid to late 1980’s are likely to contain Asbestos.

The only 100% guaranteed way to know if certain building materials at your property contain Asbestos is to have a sample taken of the building material, which is then sent to an accredited lab for analysis.

IBI Independent Building Inspections are licensed to safely remove Asbestos samples for lab analysis, and we only use NATA certified laboratories. You will receive a lab report that confirms or denies the presence of Asbestos from the samples taken and the lab report will document what type of Asbestos it is.

Asbestos sampling should be carried out when considering any damage to building materials, general wear and tear, renovations, extensions, demolition and general maintenance activities.  Damaged Asbestos materials have a higher risk of releasing Asbestos fibres, which creates a serious safety hazard.

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