Below are the most common questions about building inspections:

Q: Why choose an “IBI Independent Building Inspection”?

A: We are working for you, our client. Whether you are buying, selling, or just need an inspection for any other purpose, we provide a professional and unbiased report based on the observations made at the time of the inspection. We are not influenced by any other party, nor by any verbal representations made to us regarding the property. We carry out inspections every day, every week, all year round and basically all of our clients to date have been “word of mouth” referrals.

Q: Is an inspection really necessary when buying a home?

A: Always! Some research in Australia has indicated that as many as 30% of all homes sold have a major building defect. Additionally, termites and timber pests cause more damage to property in Australia annually, than storms, floods and fires combined.

Q: Why should I bother to get an inspection on my home that I am selling?

A: A good portion of our inspections are for owners (Vendors) who are listing their homes for sale. We are finding it more and more common for owners to use the findings of our Independent report to help them prepare the property for sale, and to help them decide on a price expectation. Also, any prospective purchasers can see that they are being open and transparent about the condition of the property which generally leads to a quicker, smoother (and less stressful) selling process.

Q: Isn’t every inspection company the same, so shouldn’t I just go with the cheapest building inspection company I can find?

A: Definitely not. We offer a premium service and we spend more time on your inspection, and provide more detail in your report, than almost any other company. Our inspections exceed current Australian Standards and we pride ourselves in going above and beyond what is required. We firmly believe that “you get what you pay for” and that you can’t put a price on the extensive experience, knowledge, professional service, and peace of mind that we provide.

Q: The house I am buying is only 3 years old, should I still get an inspection?

A: Absolutely! Just because a house is relatively new, does not always mean it was built correctly. One of the worst homes we have inspected initially presented as a “nice” new home (it was only 4 years old). One step under the subfloor and we uncovered a multitude of “surprises”… and it didn’t stop there. The purchasers had no idea whatsoever of the many (hidden) major structural defects we found during our inspection. They naturally did not proceed with the purchase. They told us they were very shocked, yet very grateful.

Q: What is the probability of asbestos in my home?

A: When was your home built? Use this as a guide:-

* Built before 1985 / Highly Likely
* Built during 1985 – 1990 / Likely
* Built after 1990 / Unlikely

However, the only 100% guaranteed way to know if certain building materials at your property contain asbestos, is to have a sample taken of the building material which is then sent to an accredited lab for analysis.

Q: How do I book an inspection?

A: Leave it all to us! Just provide us with the address of the property to be inspected, and the details of who we should contact to organise access (such as the real estate agent you have been dealing with if purchasing a property, or any other person). We will immediately contact all the relevant people and organise the inspection within the timeframe required by you. We will then get back to you as soon as possible with the confirmed booking time.

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